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things loosely related to my home:

Painting tips, for those of us that are, um, completely new to it.

Good to keep in mind while painting around stairs – CarpetShield. Think: really wide clear tape. I had not encountered this stuff until we started house hunting, and it delighted me. We used it on our Pergo-covered stairs and it didn’t create any problems with pulling finish up or leaving behind adhesive. I wouln’t use it on hardwood though.

Shade Sails, something I’m looking at to use over our deck. I think some are available at Costco. Also, thread on Ask Metafilter about constructing a shadecloth thing.

I’ve been getting the Not So Big House books from the library, lots of great examples of living well in smaller spaces.

How to knock out a wall, I bookmarked this before we chickened out and hired somebody.

Cordless LED lights, for under cabinets? It tilts for focus, and has velcro or nail fastening options. Looks like smaller versions of the push lights you see all over the place.

To keep around for the next time we buy one – entry for Matress at Wikipedia. So much information on coil count and materials.

How to build a massive LED array? at Ask Metafilter.

Oh my – Orla Kiely fabrics.

Handbag storage options, at Ask Metafilter.

Getting rid of ants, at Ask Metafilter.

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