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Our closet is gone! yay! We hired a very nice contractor to do the work. We were putting up shelves in another room as he worked, and by the time we had drawn the first level lines, he already had the closet knocked down and removed from the room.

In Seattle when you sell your home you can only call a room a “bedroom” if it has a walled closet. So, knocking a closet out is sort of considered a downgrade in, um, house value? But we couldn’t fit our bed in the room, and we were unwilling to get a smaller bed (once you go king, you don’t go back).

Since the pictures were mostly boring, here is a basic plan of the room as it was with a door, a window, a floor vent just under the window, and the closet with a (stupid, hard to open) folding door:

As it is one person is too close to the door, and the other has to climb over the bed to get into it. And the space next to the closet is large, and nearly useless.

Here is the only other way we could fit the bed in the room:

But the bed was not quite centered under the window, and it was over the vent, which I’d like to avoid.

And here is what our newly liberated room allows us to do:

Including clothing storage (Ikea Pax maybe?) against the wall. Nobody is too close to the door, we’re away from the window, and no one has to climb over the bed to get into it. Conveniently, the bed hides the patch in the carpet where the stupid, awful closet used to be. (We’ll be replacing the flooring in here later.)

This doesn’t affect the closet removal at all, but it seems strange. The room is a mere 13 feet wide and 9 feet deep, and it has seven outlets:

One of them used to be in the closet. Weird.

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