Not Martha


Last weekend while at Ikea we grabbed two red Patrik swivel chairs which were on sale. Our office is a little brighter, and the chairs are surprisingly comfy — not for an all day at work chair, but for an at home checking email chair.

We got close to our date to Knock Out The Closet and chickened out. With the walls and ceiling being orange peel texture we were afraid we’d mess up and only have to hire somebody to redo our work. Luckily a friend had a contractor ready to recommend (thanks Maggi!). I’m sorry I won’t get to feel the catharsis that is demolition, but at least I won’t be left sobbing over what a mess I managed to make and don’t know how to fix.

We’re planning a trip to Vancouver. Even though it’s not far away geographically, I think it might count as the first vacation I’ve even taken – the definition of vacation in this case being a trip longer than three days where you don’t see family at any point or attend classes that you are being graded on. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. My immediate impulse is to avoid scheduling anything. I was even hesitant to commit to a hotel and just drive to see where we end up, but I’m not the type to encounter joyful coincidence on the road. (I’m more the type to encounter unexpected and traumatic car trouble.) We’re considering going without a car and taking the train up, quite a scary thought going car less in an unfamiliar city.

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