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some recent product encounters

Yesterday I accidentally took the Dove Ultimate Clear Challenge. I had picked up a sample size* deodorant for my travel stuff and when my regular deodorant decided to finish off, not by showing that little blue plastic thing at the bottom but by crumbling off and landing in small, soft chunks all over my new cotton bathmat, it became my backup plan. After realizing it was the same stuff from those commercials I just had to check. I suppose I’m not like other girls, or maybe the other girls don’t wear black?

* Seattle drug stores have so many sample sized items. I am completely in love.

When I’m engaged in a period of slightly heavy work (like, say, a lot of painting and ripping out of poorly hung shelves from previous owners) my nails split quite dramatically, no matter how short I attempt to keep them. They split horizontally, just below the white tip thingy. They catch on everything and the split grows in a painful fashion. I have resorted to drugstore press-on nails. Just one at a time (the faux French look slightly more natural), trimmed way down. It makes me feel like I’m in Jr. High but it works. Scott tells me banjo players superglue bits of ping pong ball plastic to their nails, I’m not quite there yet.

Related: Last year I spotted fake toenails in the drugstore and made fun of them. But recently I stubbed my toe, really hard. While it didn’t turn black I did chip a good part of my big nail away, and wha-la, I understood the press-on toenails.

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