Not Martha


Yesterday I discovered two Good Housekeeping magazines in my mail. They were addressed to me, a mystery because it’s not something I’d sign up to get. Turns out they are my replacement magazine for the axed Budget Living (long live Shelterrific). But Good Housekeeping? One of them has Tom Cruise (creepy) smiling out at me from the cover, and they sport headlines like “Look Thinner & Younger”, “Get A Flat Belly Fast! Only Minutes A Day”, and “The 3-Hour Diet”. The other hints that the secret private life of Sarah Jessica Parker is inside (the shocking secret is that she likes to stay home and hang out with her family). When I heard Budget Living was closing down and I’d get a replacement magazine I figured I’d just let it run it’s course, but I think I’m going to take the effort to get a refund instead.

I’m not the only one two finds my Budget Living replacement less than satisfactory, but I think I’d rather have the Redbook that Chez Shoes received.

The same delivery of mail had some news about another magazine that won’t see the presses again, Chow. They’ve become part of the CNET family and will stay website only at I’m glad they’ll survive but sad I will have to be staring at this screen to see them again. That subscription will be finished off with Intermezzo magazine, which I’m looking forward to.

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