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I’m thinking about games right now for two reasons: One, we went to the Game On exhibit at the Pacific Science Center last weekend when we found ourselves between walls to paint. Two, I’m sipping a lemon tea which I will always associate with Shadow of the Colossus (awesome game). When we moved into our last rental house, a very temporary situation, we found it was mightily cold in January so we took to obsessively playing Colossus and sipping hot herbal tea before bed (we’d trade off). This was before we had Tivo and cable. Anyhow, it was this same lemon tea and now I’m having a strong scent-memory thing happening.

The Game On exhibit was pretty cool, there were lots of people our age wandering around suddenly remembering old games and gawking at the ancient consoles. Everything was set up for you to play, it was like being in the version of heaven someone arcade obsessed would dream up. I played a game for the sight impaired that was done using four arrow keys and audio cues, it was surprisingly spooky. I also got to play Nintendogs and Brain Age, and I’m seriously considering buying the DS Lite when it comes out.

The exhibit had the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game, but we couldn’t find a Zork anywhere. Also, no Klax, Joust or Burger Time. (Though, if you are jonesing for some Burger Time the Zesto’s burger place in Ballard has one.)

I’m finally getting to play the recently (and long awaited) Dreamfall. I bought The Longest Journey a few years ago on a “it’s only $9.99″ whim and loved it. (How much? I read the website of it’s creator, Ragnar Tornquist, I am fangirl.) Dreamfall came out the same week we were in escrow so I’m just now settling enough to play it.

I also recently found cheap versions of old Monkey Island games. Too bad it’s not winter, I have a lot of sitting inside to do.

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