Not Martha


We passed Mora Iced Creamery while on our way to the Apple store in the Bellevue mall the other weekend. I had not heard of it, but it’s by no means a secret. We tasted a bunch of flavors, and they were delightfully patient with us: maraschino cherries cream, sabayon (egg and marsala wine custard), pink grapefruit (sorbet, neither too sweet or tart, it was very refeshing), marron glace (French chestnut), crema rusa (moscato wine with walnuts, which I liked very much), and green tea. We chose dulce de leche and gianduja (hazelnut chocolate). I expected the gianduja to be like Nutella, but it was whole toasted hazelnuts, and incredible amount, packed into a nice chocolate ice cream, it was wonderful. The dulce de leche was intense, and the burnt sugar came through but didn’t overwhelm. The flavors were so big we could barely finish both cups but didn’t want to stop. So worth it. And they have a shop on Bainbridge Island, a perfect excuse for a ferry ride on the next sunny day.

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