Not Martha


We’re finally coming to some picture worthy stuff in our house-fixing-upping. We’ve got a few more walls to paint white and then we come to the interesting feature in the house — our red-orange accent wall, which we’ve decided to keep but repaint.

I do like this shade with the off-white walls, but I don’t like the off-white walls. So we need to find a color that goes with a bright, cool white. We’d like to use an intense orange, something that doesn’t look like candy, looks clean (shades with the words burnt or roasted in the name aren’t working as well), and says something like “I am an adult capable of picking a sophisticated wall color”.

These are the swatches I grabbed last night, and I suspect there will be lots of test patches painted on the walls in the future.

The color swatches obviously don’t look quite the same in the pictures, but my favorite so far is Field Poppy.

Maybe a deep red?

I’ve been peeking at pictures of accent walls at Apartment Therapy (see this Google search for more).

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