Not Martha


Anh-Minh pointed to a 100-yen store in Lynnwood, WA (which is about 15 minutes north of Seattle) that was written up in Lucky. Now, I have no love for Lynnwood (big mall, maddening traffic patterns) but this might get me to make a trip:


Pedigree: There are more than 2,500 of these popular 100-yen shops (like dollar stores here, but infinitely hipper) scattered across Japan. Now that it has opened this U.S. flagship, the 28-year-old company plans to roll out loads more throughout the country later this year.

Now In: Lynwood, WA

What You’ll Find: An irresistible and riotous collection of goods — makeup bags, barrettes, prettily painted ceramics — all labeled in Japanese. And nothing costs more than $2.

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