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how to soundproof your home at Apartment Therapy″>heated towel racks at AT

– the editor at Popgadget got this laptop to test, and decided to buy it, what a good recommendation

buttercream frosting at Cooking For Engineers

– I like these paintings by Becky Yazdan

– recommendation for Cruel Girl jeans by Sundry Morning

– good Ebay selling tips

– felt grid wall pocket

– my favorite cocktail the Jasmine made the Spirit World! I’m so proud! (I prefer it with 1/4 ounce Cointreau)

– I’ve seen the Barbara K tool kits lots of places, and her website has a bunch of good how-to pages for your home

ice cube tray I’d like to try

imbibe, a magazine about drinks

O Fizz at the Spirit World, created for Oprah

Miele rotary iron, for people with both money and lots of things to iron

– recipe for delicious delicious Salted Creme Fraiche Caramels by Phat Duck

– Nana’s recipes how-to pages

bubble wrap candy! at J-Walk Blog

recipes with popcorn

– Ask Metafilter thread about buying an Olympus includes some good tips on choosing a digital camera

– Shelterrific loves Bar Keepers Friend

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