Not Martha


I’m on a little quest to find the right cafe curtain rods. All of our windows are recessed and without any sort of window trim (what do I call this? 1990s windows?). When we moved in all of them had metal mini blinds (some of them mauve, ugh), and I’d like to banish the mini blind from this house.

First I’d like to hang cafe curtains in the kitchen and dining room. I’m hoping to find the tidy looking rods and hardware used in this Martha Stewart article. I remember seeing this project both on the television show (back in the days of innocence) and in the Living magazine. She mentioned the source and the type of curtain hardware, something beyond “socket brackets”. I remember they had a bit on one end that caught a threaded end and screwed the curtain rod into place. The little bit of googling I’ve done turns up single listings in catalogs without clear pictures, or hand drawn pictures, and suggests the style is old. Before I attempt to order these I’d like get a clear idea of what I need. I’m turning up all sorts of great information on installing curtains in classic cars, boats, and coffin adjustment hardware. But so far not much useful stuff on the curtain rods.

I’m also keeping these instructions on how to make rice paper roller shades for a few other windows in the house.


I found some! And they are right here in Seattle, I’m so pleased. Rejuvenation carries these 3/8″ Concealed-mount and 3/8″ Inside-mount cafe sets in a few different finishes. Rejuvenation also has a store in Portland.

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