Not Martha


Big news – we bought a house! We moved in this weekend and we’re knee deep in painting supplies. I’m keeping track of things at Flickr using my cameraphone since I cannot find which box contains the actual camera. The new house is odd, but it fits all of our requirements – parking spaces and the ability to have a drumkit set up for band practice. I’ll likely talk about the whole thing later. Right now we’re at the moving in stage where knowing there the beer is and having the means to open it is still marginally more important than unpacking the silverware (wherever that might be).

Here is a picture of Scott doing his first home improvement project, taking down the child safety latches in the kitchen. Yes, his first act as a homeowner was to make our place dangerous for children.

p.s. This is some good straightforward room painting advice for those of us who are completely new to it.

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