Not Martha


I’m playing catch up:

CHOW is suspending publication, whaaa. I hope they are back in print soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the site.

perfect pizza dough at 101 Cookbooks

so cute hot chocolate cakes in a cup (scroll down a bit for the picture)

how to tell quality ice cream without tasting it at Accidental Hedonist

cozy for a coffee press at Craftlog

I like rooibos tea

MoCo Loco love – Snottebel decorative light strands and zip rug

Every once in a while I look online for a specific wine, it rarely shows up. But three seconds in Wine Searcher and I found five places selling it online, bliss. via Accidental Hedonist, thanks.

general advice for selling on Ebay at Ask Metafilter

yummy cute pincushions at the fabulous new whip up


omg these magnetic LED throwie things are so neat via Make Blog

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