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We’re going to buy a mattress, and since we’re in no hurry I’ve been keeping notes:

I keep coming across references and recaps of the Consumer Reports article on how to buy a mattress, some of which you can read here. I also found a Seattle Times article Before you buy a mattress, get a firm grip on the basics. Among all the very, very many reviews it seems like the people who report the mattress became bumpy or showed obvious signs of forming depressions were those who bought pillow top models. So, I’m shying away from pillow tops in favor of getting a memory foam topper, or perhaps a feather bed, something removable and replaceable in any case. Memory foam can be warmer than regular mattresses and it displeases some people. I wanna try a Duxiana Bed, but I don’t think I can afford to even enter the showroom.

People seem to really like the memory foam mattresses, and a pretty consistent value seems to be the one you can buy from Costco (they also have memory foam mattress toppers). However, we’ve been told that you are meant to not use sheets with the memory foam and instead sleep right on the special stretchy flannel fabric cover that comes with it. After years of sleeping on some 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets I’m not so sure I’d like to give them up. Anybody have any experience or opinions on this one?

We started trying out mattresses by going to Sleep Country (we were lured by the end-of-the-year sale) and had a less than memorable experience so we left quickly never to return. I’ve been seeking out Seattle local mattress places as I’ve seen suggested you should do. The Seattle Mattress Company carries a few models at good prices and has a little showroom in Ballard near Cafe Besalu. The person there was attentive and friendly but not pushy. One model they had was a firm bed with a zip off pillow top. They also had memory foam and natural latex mattresses. We have not been to the Soaring Heart Futon and Natural Bed Company yet (which I knew about from the very sweet ad they run in The Stranger showing two sleeping men wearing wedding bands). They have futons and traditional spring mattresses made from natural fibers. The prices reflect that, and they have lots of good information on the website. Last is another place we haven’t been to yet, it’s on 15th along the side of Queen Anne — Everrest Mattress. The offerings look pretty standard and the prices look good, I’ll report on it if we visit the showroom.

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Slightly related — bed linens for different preferences by DoubleUps for Beds. It looks like the sheets are sewn together near the foot and takes care of that stealing of the covers problems. Looks like exactly what this guy on Ask Metafilter was seeking. (Anybody got a Metafilter account? Wanna add to that thread?)

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