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Vicarious holiday cheer – Jeff Barr’s pictures of incredible gingerbread houses here in Seattle, and Fred Flare’s pictures of NYC holiday window displays, bliss.

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I had heard that Rose Levy Beranbaum is keeping a blog but I didn’t know that she is also answering questions. I don’t know much about baking cakes, but I was surprised to find out she approves of silicone bakinig pans, I would have figured they were something of a trend.

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how to make a perfect bow, at simplehuman

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lower cost alternatives to Riedel glasses, at ask metafilter

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must make – David Lebovitz’s Best Chocolate Sauce

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This week we made a big batch of cornmeal-cherry cookies for a cookie swap. When I was shopping for the dried cherries (the recipe calls for cherries or cranberries) I had a moment of insane indecision and ended up buying dried cherries, dried cranberries, and cherry-flavored dried cranberries. We made a few test batches to sample and the cherries were the taste winner, however the cranberries were prettier, a nice shiny jewel red. The cherry-flavored dried cranberries were a monstrosity and I really should have known better. I used lemon zest instead of orange, and a little less than the recipe called for. These are good little cookies though, not too sweet and they go well with hot tea. I also considered the dried cranberry shortbread hearts, except maybe not heart shaped.

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Scott and I find ourselves in the position of needing to find month-to-month rental housing in Seattle, and wow, it’s more difficult than we anticipated. So far we’re finding the uber expensive large furnished suites (meant for business, really), and the furnished studio apartment nee hotel room with kitchenette (microwave). Ideally we’d just get an unfurnished one or two bedroom apartment from a landlord who is willing to rent a space short term. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any tips you could pass on? We’re beginning to feel the stress. My thanks – notmartha AT gmail DOT com.

(p.s. Kindly know that we are, indeed, looking at Craig’s List.)

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Hooray for the Leslie Harpold Presents: Advent Calendar 2005!

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Fifteen Prudent Gifts for the Budget-Minded at The Morning News by Mighty Girl.

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From the makers of Apartment Therapy comes The Kitchen, a site dedicated to cooking. They already have up a post about Dutch Baby pancakes.

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