Not Martha


More on Turkish Delight at the Candy Blog, which also points us to this recipe for Cardamom Rose Turkish Delight at Becks & Posh. I’m actually pretty sure I’d like it if I can find some fresh stuff to try. I have enjoyed desserts that Scott has described as tasting like lemon pledge, and some of the best cookies I ever had were lavender. Mm.

Orangette shares her family recipe for eggnog over at Seattlest.

You know how sometimes an RSS feed goes bad and you don’t really notice? And then the site merrily goes along while you vaguely wonder where it went? That happened to me with Chow magazine’s between-issues column. Yay for rediscovery. They have a recipe for super nog. And the December issue has a bunch of recipes for champagne cocktails, just at the time when I was finding how much I like them.

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