Not Martha


I read the Narnia books* when I was a tiny child living in suburban Ohio and had never heard of Turkish Delight before. It’s described as a candy so good it’s worth lying to your siblings and travelling through a magic door and a cold snowy land to visit a mean and boring lady to get to. The only thing I’d ever had that was both so good and so exotic that it would fit into this category for me was the Bordeaux confection made by the local chocolate place, Malleys. This is how I came to believe Turkish Delight was crumbly, buttery toffee and almonds covered in sweet milk chocolate and rolled in soft crushed almonds. (Again, suburban Ohio.) I gave it no consideration until last year when we visited a candy exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, they were doing a Candies Of The World thing and has some badly dried, unnattractive stuff behind glass labelled Turkish Delight. But now I don’t have to wonder any more: at Slate, The Lion, the Witch, and the Really Foul Candy.

* I was raised Catholic and didn’t see the Christ/Aslan thing at all, I was pretty dim. I do remember wishing Aslan would quit with all the stone altar and water stuff so we could get on with the story.

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