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Lavender Week Three update — I think the lavender is ready! I’m ridiculously proud of this, which is strange because I have never done anything to care for the plant and a month ago I didn’t even know what it was.

Here’s fresh cut from last weekend, Week 3

Then yesterday I noticed that just a few of the buds on the plant had popped open into flowers so I cut some more. Here is Week 3 And Five Days:

I’m interested to see how the new batches dry. I am paying attention to see if there is increased bee activity around the plants but so far the bees seem to be ignoring them. According to a tag on some lavender at a garden shop, the type growing in my front yard is Lavender Grappenhall. (The cameraphone is really handy for recording things like this.) Some new tips people wrote in with were to wait until the lavender is showing as much purple as possible, with that in mind I think I can go another week perhaps. Also, Jake wrote to tell me about an Alton Brown method (also mentioned in this article at Wired) that involves sticking herbs beween air condioning filters, strapping those to a box fan and letting it run two hours per side making your house smell nice in the process.

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