Not Martha


Things I worry about before taking even the smallest trip.

  • lip balm. Despite the constant presence of lip balm in my life the moment I lock the door behind me it vanishes from my bags.
  • pens. See lip balm. I like Uni-Ball Vision Exact, in case you’re the type who likes to know.
  • the house burning down. This fear has become stronger since the incident across the street. Consequently my careful setting of the VCR (yes, I live in the stone age) becomes worthless when I unplug absolutely everything in the house.
  • little Swiss Army knife being taken away. Oh wait, they already have it.
  • forgetting something, like toothpaste. Because I cannot seem to wrap my head around the fact that I can purchase things pretty much anywhere I go.
  • driving to the wrong airport. This happened to me when I was setting off to get on a plane to Italy for a group college class summer trip (which would have been much more embarrassing than missing a plane to Italy when it was just you). I wasn’t the one driving, in fact it was the mother of a friend so I couldn’t even really freak out about it. We made the plane.
  • purgatory. I don’t know why but I tend to overpack a carry on because I’m so afraid I’ll get stuck and be bored, but then if I do get stuck do I work through said activities? No, I spend four hours trying to locate a clicky pencil or a pencil sharpener in airport gift shops so I can do logic puzzles which I don’t even like. Then I give up and do the hateful puzzles in smeary pen and get them wrong.

You can probably tell I don’t travel much.

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