Not Martha


The very tiny cupcake, she is a success!

Cupcakes are everywhere. I just got the new issue of Bust (Amy Sedaris is on the cover!) and they have a whole page of cupcake stuff including a cupcake lip balm set at Fred Flare and these plush cupcake dolls at My Paper Crane. I’ve also been admiring the teeny tiny cupcake charms at Amyville.

And the most recent Is My Blog Burning? had a theme of My Little Cupcake (or Muffin), and the results are deliciousMaki even broke them into groups for cupcakes, sweet muffins and savory muffins. Three people used the dark chocolate cupcake recipe from the latest Cook’s IllustratedSamer/Thoughts, Minor Gourmandry and Seattle Bon Vivant (the latter two include the recipe). I used the recipe for the ickle cupcakes like the one above and it was very yummy.

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