Not Martha


A slightly smooshed but very delicious cupcake from Dahlia Bakery.

In the category of things I will plan but never actually do — after the tiny pies I was interested in making tiny cupcakes. Now, I know that a mini muffin size cupcake is pretty darn small already, but I was thinking about something 1 inch in diameter. I spent a little while researching things to bake them in — thimbles? mini cannele trays? and found this silicone caramel/medallion baking mold (second down on the page). According to other places carrying it the size of the molds are 1 and 1/8th inch in diameter, so little! But I just don’t need the tiny cupcakes enough to spend money on the molds. Ah well.

When I run out of things to look at on the interweb I inevitably end up looking at pictures of cupcakes — google images, flickr tags for cupcake and cupcakes. And of course Cupcakes Take The Cake has a Flickr group. I have come dangerously close to buying a cupcake shaped cookie jar off of Ebay many times. And just look at the picture of the cupcake from Dahlia Bakery that Seattle Bon Vivant posted, so charming.

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