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Congratulations go out to Gayla! Her book You Grow Girl has come out!

Gayla is the supercoolness behind the web site You Grow Girl and part of the duo of Superfantastico and Fluffco. Here is a little about the book from the book site:

You Grow Girl is a hip and humorous how-to for the blossoming generation of crafty gals who want to get their garden on.

Written and designed by Gayla Trail, the creator of, You Grow Girl guides aspiring gardeners every step of the way in transforming a tiny fire escape or a suburban backyard into the lush garden of your dreams. Along with all the ins-and-outs of soil, seeds, sowing and growing, You Grow Girl is chock full of fun and funky projects that make gardening more than just growing plants. You will learn to grow and bag your own tea, make hand salve and hair rinse out of plants from their garden, transform thrift-store finds into cool containers, and even sew your own stylie gardening apron!

Here is where you can buy the book, including US, Canada and International sites.

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