Not Martha

These little one-bite gingerbread houses over at Craftlog are just so adorable. What a great idea.

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Happiness is finding a forgotten (still wrapped and not squished) Reese’s peanut butter cup in your bag.

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the unexpected – Today I was driving around trying to find the post office and an interview with Dooce came on the radio.

the good – I learned that American Apparel is opening a store in Seattle, unfortunately in the U District.

the strange – I saw press-on toenails in the drugstore. French manicure style.

Regarding the post from yesterday — I have it on good word that the Mattel machine can only make things with 25 (or so?) stitches, and consequently the resulting garland would be too heavy for a tree. Thanks to those who wrote!

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I really like LJC’s knitted tree garland. I wonder if you could make one using those little Mattel knitting machines, do they work ok with eyelash yarn?

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For a few weeks I have been searching all over for some of those strong donut shaped magnets — I checked mom and pop hardware stores, craft shops, drugstores, strange discount stores and even the surplus section of Archie McPhee. Yesterday we were in a Radio Shack (don’t ask) and there they were. And now my shower curtain doesn’t billow in, bliss.

Note to self: they also had tiny rare earth magnets and the disc magnets for making marble magnets (perhaps stronger than those from a craft shop?), and they had a big old tube of silicone sealant, which people still ask me where to find.

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Two things I’ve run acoss which I find charming — little feet cookie cutters, and Tuffits, concrete pillows for your garden stepping stones (better photograph here).

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