Not Martha


Evany is on a thorough quest to replace her perfect bag, and I feel her pain.

I have the slightly less branded version of this LeSportsac bag (which she mentions as close but not right). It has a few less features than the bag on that page, but is probably the knock off of it. I keep trying to outgrow it, I have a green leather tote, and a nice shoulder bag from Banana Republic, but I keep coming back to basic black bag. It has all the right pockets in all the right places.

I spent a good long time last night browsing bags on every source I could find for something kind of between the bag Evany has and the bag I have and I had no luck either. The Trucker size bags at Queen Bee are the closest I could find for what I’m looking for (I like the black Kinetic), and thinking about all the rain here I’m liking the flap and the vinyl more and more.

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