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I am enchanted by blown sugar bubbles and I was positively delighted by this dessert,
made by Blair Fukumura, that I ran across while doing some google searching. It’s a tiny watermelon ice cream bombe encased in a sugar bubble. Swoon. Check out the berries suspended in champagne jelly, they make me want to squeal with glee.

I believe a recipe for blown sugar bubbles was published in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine a few years ago — see the Bubble Cake at the bottom of this page. The instructions were online briefly but have disappeared. I know the state of the periodicals section of my library and have no hope of finding the issue there. Would anyone happen to have it? I’d love to trade something in exchange for a photocopy of the instructions. notmartha AT gmail DOT com, thanks.

update: It’s the Summer/Fall 1998 Weddings issue. I have the technique, thanks to everybody who wrote! But, I don’t have the actual recipe yet, the technique pages say it’s a mixture of sugar, glucose and tartaric acid. (The other recipes online are mostly just boiled sugar.) Of course, the magazine has left out recipes from the back before and I have that kind of luck. Anybody? Does the recipe exist?

update 2: The issue doesn’t contain an actual recipe, problem solved (sort of). I have leads on where to find the information I’m looking for. I have gotten plenty of links to this version of a blown sugar recipe, which I’d found and hoped to have the MS recipe to compare, so no need to send that one in. Huge thanks to everyone that’s sent in links and information, I’ll be sure to post all about it when I get time to attempt this. First though is the fun part – shopping for the right tools.

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