Not Martha


Skulls! Laura sent me a link to these brilliant Day of the Dead bath fizzies at Yodelingfish. I totally had the same idea a few years back (I swear!) when I bought some Day of the Dead sugar skull molds. I wanted to embed babydoll heads or plastic bugs in the skull bath molds, but never found a good way to get it all to stick together when they were that large.

Also, take a peep at the Chocolate Skull with Gummy Worms at Dylan’s Candy Bar, it’s creepy despite being almost entirely sugar. Link via Awful Cufflinks.

I bought sugar skull molds from the speedy and really friendly Reign Trading Company, and I see they have added a bunch of skull molds to their offerings, yay. They offer full instructions and recipe (with pictures and everything) for sugar skull making at They include tips for making sugar skulls with a larger group of kids. They also have chocolate skull recipes for tempered chocolate, chocolate wafers, or chocolate chips. I think I’m in love with these people.

p.s. Take a look at the transparent skulls on the cover of Day of the Dead in Mexico Through the Eyes of the Soullarger picture. Fruit gel I’m supposing. Those are neat.

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