Not Martha


Scott had an early gig at the Conor Byrne a few weeks ago and a few other people were playing that evening as well. One girl had created a glowing display of her cds for sale that was very alluring in the dark pub and I went over to find out how she did it. Turns out her cd sleeves hadn’t arrived on time before she hit the road and that morning she had improvised – she noticed the pastry bags at a bakery were about cd sized and they agreed to give her a bunch to use, and she got them to stand up using silver binder clips, the glow came from standing them up in front of a candle. Quick, someone give Kate Earl a grace under pressure DIY award.

Scott has some upcoming shows that promise to be great, and he’s headed out on tour (Bellingham, Portland, San Francisco and hopefully Sacramento) in November. He has even secured Mike to play mandoline and fiddle in Bellingham, and Mike and Shawn to play with him for when he opens for Granian at the Conor Byrne on the 28th. It’s gonna be a good show.

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