Not Martha


When I was going through the ritual of Getting Fitted By A Sales Lady For My First Bra she gave me a bit of advice: If you find a bra that fits buy two of them, if you find a bra that fits and you really like, buy six. Because inevitably the company is going to discontinue that particular bra almost right away. I have only recently been learning how brilliant this lady was. I don’t enjoy shopping all that much so I have been stockpiling clothing lately and keeping it for when the items in current rotation are worn out completely, I only hope I have the courage to take off the tags and actually use the stuff when the time comes. I have tucked up in my closet six tank tops (three black, three white) that aren’t too short and go underneath everything well, and too many pairs of those non-thong flip flop shoes than I care to disclose. So when my favorite jeans (of which I had three pairs) all developed socially unacceptable holes in the same week and I found out that the wash that I like had been discontinued, I panicked. Why didn’t I buy ten pairs when I had the chance?! Luckily I found where the last of the discontinued wash were being sold online (on sale!) and am currently in the process of talking myself into buying just two more pairs three or four times.

So, if I always seem to be wearing the same clothes you know why.

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