Not Martha


I’m really glad we had a few extra days to move out of the old house because just as we were doing our final clean tragedy struck. Ok, not tragedy, but it was pretty damn annoying. I discovered that the clear contact paper I had used to put over several windows was leaving behind a layer of adhesive. Yikes. I thought back to the same thing in our apartment in San Francisco, that was left up for nearly two years and it pulled off just fine. I figure that the adhesive had changed, worse yet, apparantly the adhesive had changed twice, because a half of one of the windows had a distinctly different quality of left behind adhesive mess than the other.

I spent an entire day going between the house and the blissfully nearby hardware store buying things I thought would help get the stuff off. After three kinds of tape, sticker remover, goo gone, and four different types of scrapers I found the right combination. One part of the adhesive, the stuff that had dried overnight, was easily pulled off by laying down strips of masking tape, smoothing flat with a plastic tool (the end of which had been melted down into a lopsided nub by the time I was done), and pulling off, bringing a few measly slivers cleanly off with each pull. The other kinds required a kind of four-step process of scraping with a little razor blade scraper, soaking with Goo Gone, waiting, scraping up as much as I could, again with the Goo Gone, again with the waiting, and hoping the rest would come up in an oily, grapefruit scented mess. Fun! If it hadn’t been for lunch and a chocolate milkshake from Dick’s I don’t think I would have made it.

Obviously, the frost your windows with contact paper project won’t be coming back. But just in case the same thing happens to you, there is how I cleaned it. You have to include the chocolate milkshake part, it’s essential.

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