Not Martha


Stuff on Boing Boing today — a bottle opener fridge magnet and a bag with compartments that you fill with water to make ice cubes, then tear them off individually, this is from Paris, ooh la etc.

The ice cube bags remind me of the ridiculously specific but somehow fitting Scotch Rocks, filled and sealed ice cube trays with water from the Glenlivet Spring in the Scottish Highlands, the perfect accompaniment to your glass of Scotch. Doing a search for Scotch Rocks also turned up this — Scotch Rocks, made from the granite the water that made the Scotch percolated through. The theory being that the stone will cool your drink without diluting it. Wow, they even have different types for bourbon as well. This is all silly, of course, but I admire the lengths we go to to turn drinking into a ritual. (Or, you know, absurd bragging rights.)

Which reminds me, the Seattle Weekly recently had a story on absinthe drinking which talks about the ritual being a big part of the appeal.

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