Not Martha


I am very afraid of spiders, and I found one of these in the basement of the old place a few weeks ago. Eeek. The link is from Sundry, who relates a story much like my own — even the designated spider killer in the house had trouble with this bugger. Hers was in her bathroom. I hope one doesn’t show up in my bathroom, because I’ll never be able to go inside it ever again. I wonder if the nice neighbor would understand why I need to shower at her place all year?

What else? Lookit this adorable itty doggie that Loobylu made, she’s been making incredible thing lately. I am terribly in love with the fabric that Laura used to make this bag. Check out her brown tote as well, so great. Craftster has a blog now.

Things I’ve learned in the new house — smaller kitchen, but there is more storage space somehow, must learn this trick; don’t paint the ceiling of a room a saturated yellow; shower curtains make me grumpy; it might be better if you don’t attempt to explore the attic area, there is a reason no one has gone up there in half a century.

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