Not Martha


One of the things which is keeping me uber busy in the month of July is finding a new place to live. So, if you know of a house in Seattle for rent that has at least one bedroom and space for two offices you will live in my personal Eternally Grateful Hall of Fame forever if you let me know about it. We’re not too keen on the parking in Capitol Hill but anywhere else is fair game, also we’re not ruling out duplexes or an apartment in smaller complexes. *

Things I wish I had more time to talk about:

– how the Harry Potter candy you can find in the stores is so much better in my imagination

– how my friend Amy has launched her vinyl goodies business Sugabeats and why you should check it out

– how the Summer Knitty entitled Sex and the Knitty is full of things that will make you swoon with delight

* Our family and friends in nice, cheap Cleveland keep asking us why we’re not buying a house and then we ask them if we can borrow four hundred thousand dollars and then they stop asking us about that.

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