Not Martha


As if to answer to my plea, the Gap came out with a non-thong flip-flop type shoe – the Ribbon Slide. I’ve been wearing them all weekend and I like them so far. I’ve worn them to do most everything since Friday – around the house, walk to the park, trip around Belltown (Rummage to Top Pot) and Capitol Hill (Stitches to Lipstick Traces) and no blisters. However, as soon as I looked at the picture of these things, I knew that buckle would have to go, and I was right, it kept poking my toes when my foot would bend. The good news is that it’s very simple to remove just by snipping the tacking stitches from the underside of ribbon. I put some more pictures and observations on an I Can’t Wear Flip-Flops page, if you’re interested.

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