Not Martha

Things amusing me lately: This Thorax Cake is gorey and incredible. (This is done by Sarah’s Bleedy Cake people, yes?) The list of 100 Movies That Deserve More Love. Yay! The movies I would have added, Young Sherlock Holmes and The Last Unicorn, are on the list. And there are a few shortish online adventure games which have been keeping me happy:

  • crimson room short and clever, via pop culture junk mail
  • mystery of time and space longer, has levels and will save your game at the beginning of a level
  • droom a short game, this one runs a little slow but if you can get used to the pace it’s fun
  • chasm – cartoony and very fun, I havn’t finished this one
  • goonight mr. snoozleberg slightly arcade-y but fun, also cartoony, can be saved at the end of levels

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Hooray! The spring Knitty has arrived! And lookit – knitter’s geek code v1.1. Suh-weeet.

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