Not Martha


Phil Kasper, a friend of mine who is very talented and funny has been putting on Shakespeare skits in bars in Bloomington, IN as Tavern Shakespeare. This year he is getting ready to launch the Indiana Shakespeare Festival and is holding a fundraiser: Taking A Dive For The Bard. In honor of Shakespeare’s 440th birthday Phil will perform an accelerated skydive freefall in the late afternoon, at Skydive Greensburg, in Greensburg, IN. If you live in the area I encourage you to go see the Indiana Shakespeare Festival this summer, and to dontate if you can, they are set up to accept donations via mail or Paypal. I mean, the man is throwing himself out of a plane just to get your attention, this is someone dedicated to entertaining you.

The first time I met Phil he was auditioning. The director had him take the What Light Is This scene from Romeo and Juliet and pretend he was a wino praising a girl on a nudie poster. We were still laughing after scores of auditions that night. Phil is hilarious, passionate about theatre, and is utterly deserving of support. Phil, I wish you the best!

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