Not Martha


A few things.

  • While I was living in Cleveland, one of the things that made it feel like there was there there is the workings of David Hansen and the Bad Epitaph Theater Company. Right now they are raising money, one dollar at a time, for their production of The American Revolution. So if you live in Northeast Ohio (you know who you are), want to support local theater, or just like to donate to worthwhile stuff, here is how you can donate.
  • Scott is playing a gig at the Hotwire cafe this Saturday, and if you live in Seattle I invite you to come on out. The cafe is wonderful, free wireless, and lots of computers you can use, good sound, comfortable seating. I’ll be knitting, and probably manning the cd selling table. Saturday, April 10th, 7 – 10 p.m., 17551 15th Ave NE, Shoreline WA.
  • A while back, somewhere (I forget where), there was a discussion of what undergarments to wear under skirts to address the problem of thighs rubbing together (I have that body type) and pantyline erasing. Spanx were brought up and I can second the recommendation, they are comfortable, don’t pull up, and the waistband is blissfully nonbinding and doesn’t roll.
  • Get Crafty has changed? stolen? grown? moved? taken away to? SuperNaturale. The message at seems to have changed, anyone know the real story? Are the old Glitter boards gone forever?
  • I actually managed to make the oldest of laundry mistakes and washed a red sweater with some white towels.
  • The neighborhood cats who hang out and walk with you to your car are back out for the season! yay!

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