Not Martha

These miniature gardens are adorable. Via Erica Mulherin.

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I got this pin along with a super cool journal from the most awesome Ex Libris Anonymous yesterday, just in time for me to wear it to a Champagne and Cupcakes fashion show at a yarn shop around here.

I totally love it!

I also got the new issue of Budget Living yesterday. Happy me.

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It has been a while since I last looked at Blik (large adhesive (and removable) graphics for your walls) and look! they’ve got new stuff – including space invaders like designs, prose (whoa, pricey), minis for glasses and notebooks and stuff (dishwasher safe). Nice. I also like the clouds.

For more childlike designs go see Wallcandy Arts, they have animals and aliens, but they also have red and blue Unikko designs (it’s Flash, so no direct link). You can also play with the create a room stuff.

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I lost my copy of The Knitter’s Companion (sniff) and have been meaning to replace it, but first I want to know how it compares to Vogue Knitting Quick Reference. Doing a look through yesterday it seemed like The Knitter’s Companion had more increase and decrease stitches, but that’s as far as I got before it was time to go. So, any knitters have an opinion on which book is more useful overall?

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I Heart Rummage was cool, I didn’t feel hip enough to be there. The stuff everyone had for sale was really great, the surroundings were dark, and loud – lots of the vendors were knitting. And I nearly missed everyone set up in the back. Lots of people selling there also sell online, you can work your way through the links. Afterwards it was all about the donuts.

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If, when I said: “I intend to spend obscene amounts of money finding someone I adore who will make me look fabulous”, I meant: “I intend to chop off 3 inches off of my hair while staring intently into the mirror one Saturday afternoon because I am bored”, then I am well on my way to fulfilling my New Year’s resolution.

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