Not Martha


Last Friday I completely gave into third party web advertising and ate at Quiznos for the first time, if only to see the pepper bar (which was, at least in this case, merely a small collection of condiments which did indeed include three types of peppers, and was labeled “Pepper Bar”). Afterwards we went to Baskin Robbins to get Box of Chocolates ice cream which I read about over at Pop Culture Junk Mail. Box of Chocolates ice cream is “Premium milk chocolate ice cream with white, milk, and dark chocolate cups and hearts filled with caramel, fudge, marshmallow and raspberry.” It wasn’t good, but it was interesting.

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the Quiznos commercials yet, and you have that freaky twisted type of sense of humor, go watch them at Quiznos web site. They were made by Joel Veitch at Rather Good, who you may know better as “that Viking Kittens guy”. The Quiznos thing was originally We Like The Moon, which I cannot stop singing and totally don’t mind. I am also drawn to the fearsome stomping Laibach kittens.

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