Not Martha


Yesterday I attempted to make marshmallow flowers using this marshmallow for piping recipe. I was spectacularily unsuccessful. I did some on parchment paper which had powdered sugar sprinkled on it, and some on clean parchment paper. I was going for 3″ or smaller flowers, so the stuff piped over the powdered sugar wouldn’t release itself from the tip of the pastry bag, and the stuff over the clean parchment is likely stuck there forever.

I have very little experience with piping, and even that was of the squeeze it out of the corner of a ziplock bag type. I got about two flowers, a handful of squiggles, and some worm shapes before the mixture set and refused to be piped anymore. I’m sure if I were piping heavier shapes, like the bunnies and chicks the recipe is meant for, I would have had more luck. Oh well. Pictures later if I don’t eat everything first.

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