Not Martha


It’s snowing here, snow! This is actually the second time it snowed, big wet fluffy flakes, the ones perfect for building into snowmen, came down a few nights ago. But this snow hit the city just before morning rush hour and I suspect everyone is lingering in the morning hoping the streets will be too dangerous to get to work. I’ll have to make more marshmallows. I desperatly missed snow (and weather in general) while I was living in California so right now I’m as happy as can be. Last night I even participated in some Panic Grocery Shopping, of the We Don’t Remember That Snow Melts so we’re going to buy every can of chicken noodle soup on the shelves variety. I miss that, because it usually signals that there will be snuggling down of some sort the next day.

I took some pictures of the snowflake marshmallows, click here to see in a pop up window. I’m finding the key to my photo taking success in California really was my big south facing window. Here in overcast Seattle I cannot seem to take a decent picture at all.

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