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I really really like all of the beaded spray decorations which have been appearing everywhere.

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I made a swatch of Shetha‘s Alien Scarf from the Stitch ‘n Bitch book, I love this technique! I forgot to mention before — at the book signing Debbie Stoller told us that the colors in the pattern for the alien scarf are reversed, something good to know before you get way into it.

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Whew! After we spent some time fiddling with, staring at, and eventually shaking the AirPort it was determined that a new Linksys thingy was a faster and cheaper fix, if not a prettier one. So, a few things:

  • the Sugarplum Stockings over at Posie are adorable, also peek at The Marguerite Skirt and bag
  • I have been making scores of tiny puffy little lucky stars from that smooth curling ribbon, I hope to make a holiday garland of some sort
  • I went to Ikea to get a magnet board, new set of dishes and a colorful sheet to cover the futon and came home with a 99 cent trash can and some chocolate. There were entirely too many people there and I suspect they sucked away my will to shop.
  • I was delighted to find that Debbie Stoller wore a pink and orange Superhero necklace at the book signing
  • and finally some pictures from the Stitch ‘N Bitch book signing here in Seattle:

The knit bikini was surprisingly stretchy!

Debbie passed around a bunch of the things in the book so we could inspect them, this is the star cuff. I completely love it.

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Excuse me for a few days while we try to figure out why the AirPort has decided it does not love us anymore. Stubborn little bugger.

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how to pleat a potsticker via girl hacker

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The NY Times has an article about the hold cupcakes have on the city — believe me, I’m jealous they have so many cupcake options. The article mentions a shop which sells cupcakes baked by Amy Sedaris, and I find it utterly hilarious that they call her “an actress who has appeared on Sex and the City”.

Speaking of adorable baked goods, Evany’s pictures of the new Miette shop in SF’s Ferry Building had me falling in love, and the impossible cuteness of this cupcake (scroll a little) nearly had me planning a road trip back. I even want to pinch the cheek of Miette’s web site.

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The book signing of Stitch n’ Bitch was great fun, the delightful Miss Stoller brings along a bunch of actual projects from the books and generously passes them around so you can pet them and inspect the construction. There are even better up close. I’m sooo knitting myself an illusion scarf next, except mine will have some rude words worked into it. She’s in my old home, San Francisco, for two stops so to all the people I used to knit with* go, go!

* I miss you guys!

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Tonight Debbie Stoller is bringing her book tour for Stitch ‘n Bitch to Seattle yay! Hilltop Yarn on Queen Anne, 5 p.m. If you’re going to be there come and hang out afterwards.

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I bought a new handbag last Friday (yay! new handbag! from Target!) and it’s pink leather edged in black with a sort of plastic stuff. I looked around and found a few other items I own which have this. It seems to be there to make a neat edge. What is this called? Does anyone know?

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I made candy apples and when it came time to eat one I was completely stumped. I’ve never had a candy apple before so I don’t know if mine turned out right. I had no way to start eating the thing, I couldn’t break through the hard outter candy shell. I felt like a tiny person trying to get my jaws around a huge piece of candy. Was I supposed to eat it like a lollipop? (How many licks does it take to get to the center of..?) Did I heat it too much (290?) Is the candy coating supposed to be more of a soft candy shell? Am I supposed to be smart enough to cut it into slices before a bewildering half hour passes?

I had hoped to use Lady Apples and make itty bitty candy apples, but I had to settle for very small organic apples instead. I bet I could have crunched down on a Lady Apple.

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