Not Martha


I will never forget the time a college roommate of mine came home to find that another roommate had used her giant, antique cast iron skillet, then meticulously scrubbed it with soap and left it in the rack to drip dry. It was in sad shape, and the owner (who had given us a dramatic explanation of what would happen to the skillet if washed, and a graphic description of what whould happen to us) was understandably pissed.

This memory brought to you courtesy of our purchase of large and small cast iron skillets this weekend after this report of the bad stuff which happens to Teflon when it’s heated. A few weeks ago Marc Marone on MS Living TV talked about a gas which is released when Teflon is heated to a certain point which will kill birds instantly. Pretty scary.

We also got a Pepper Ball after deciding the little 4″ grinder we were using was difficult to grasp for cooking purposes. So far I really dig the Pepper Ball.

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