Not Martha


Whew! After we spent some time fiddling with, staring at, and eventually shaking the AirPort it was determined that a new Linksys thingy was a faster and cheaper fix, if not a prettier one. So, a few things:

  • the Sugarplum Stockings over at Posie are adorable, also peek at The Marguerite Skirt and bag
  • I have been making scores of tiny puffy little lucky stars from that smooth curling ribbon, I hope to make a holiday garland of some sort
  • I went to Ikea to get a magnet board, new set of dishes and a colorful sheet to cover the futon and came home with a 99 cent trash can and some chocolate. There were entirely too many people there and I suspect they sucked away my will to shop.
  • I was delighted to find that Debbie Stoller wore a pink and orange Superhero necklace at the book signing
  • and finally some pictures from the Stitch ‘N Bitch book signing here in Seattle:

The knit bikini was surprisingly stretchy!

Debbie passed around a bunch of the things in the book so we could inspect them, this is the star cuff. I completely love it.

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