Not Martha


I made candy apples and when it came time to eat one I was completely stumped. I’ve never had a candy apple before so I don’t know if mine turned out right. I had no way to start eating the thing, I couldn’t break through the hard outter candy shell. I felt like a tiny person trying to get my jaws around a huge piece of candy. Was I supposed to eat it like a lollipop? (How many licks does it take to get to the center of..?) Did I heat it too much (290?) Is the candy coating supposed to be more of a soft candy shell? Am I supposed to be smart enough to cut it into slices before a bewildering half hour passes?

I had hoped to use Lady Apples and make itty bitty candy apples, but I had to settle for very small organic apples instead. I bet I could have crunched down on a Lady Apple.

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