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I recently found out that if you pledge to your public radio during a smaller local show it makes a big impression on the station managers. They’ll, you know, keep the show around. So if you are in the bay area and if you are going to pledge to KALW I encourage you to do it durning the Invisible Ink pledge show. From the newsletter:

– – –

2. PLEDGE DRIVE! I know you’ve been saving up. On
September 28th at 2pm, we will be airing our pledge
drive edition of Invisible Ink. The show will feature
a shortened version of the “Peops” story and a new
story from “Zine Yearbook” #7. Soft Skull has been
kind enough to provide us with both of the books. That
means, if you pledge, you can get one or both of these
fine publications AND support your favorite local
public radio station. Also, there are still supercool
Invisible Ink t-shirts.

And that’s not all! Two kind KALW volunteers and
Invisible Ink fans (Risa and Sam) will donate $25 for
every new member who pledges to Invisible Ink. That
means, if you’ve never been a member of KALW, and
pledge AT ANY LEVEL, Risa and Sam will give an extra
$25 to the station. There’s never been a better time
to join the fold.

For those of you not familiar with pledge drives, KALW
keeps the money. That’s a good thing. They rule, and
their success keeps me on the air. Rest assured,
Invisible Ink receives no cash from the pledge drive.
I will not be compromised by your financial support.
I, your humble servant, will remain very, very poor.
That is my promise to you.

3. FISH OUT OF WATER! Kevin Smokler and I will be
hosting a 2-3 hour pledge drive special on October 3rd
at 9pm. We will be talking to Bay Area literary
superstars such as Mary Roach, author of Stiff: The
Curious Lives of Human Cadavers; Wendy Shaenin of A
Clean Well Lighted Place for Books; Julie Orringer,
author of How to Breathe Underwater; and Ethan
Watters, SF Grotto co-founder and author of Urban
Tribes. This is my first major foray into live radio
hosting. I’m practicing by trying to use adjectives
other than “fucking.”

– – –

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