Not Martha


We’re almost moved in, and it feels great. Some wonderful small changes: can walk to grocery store, drugstore, shops, coffee, pub and a mom and pop hardware store; don’t have to save quarters for laundry!; being forgetful and living in a place with stairs makes my legs ache after going up and down again and again; cannot wait to break out some wood for the fireplace; having my own studio room; being able to jump up and down and not disturb downstairs neighbors because there are none! There are no upstairs ones either!

We don’t have internet yet (any day now, come on internet) however there is a tea shop around the corner with wifi which offers monkey-picked tea. I kid you not, the menu says “monkey-picked”. This is quite the place for people watching, I have seen old socialists talking loudly in the back, a couple breaking up, a new memeber of a writer’s group having a little melodramatic episode, and lots of energetic liberals talking shit about W.

I got to do the contact paper thing one one of my windows, that is so much fun. For the record, I had a really hard time scraping the matte gel medium off the windows of my old place, especially since I was pressed for time.

We came through the move with only one broken desk (a super cheap one from Ikea, but it was my sewing desk and therefore missed) and a lost tiny Swiss army knife. I kept a pink one on my keychain and didn’t realize how much I used it until not having it, especially when looking for something to cut the tape on boxes. It is particularily missed since I actually bought it in Switzerland… well okay, it was the duty-free shop in an airport in Switzerland and it was bought while I was on a long lay over so I never actually left the airport, but still. I miss it.

Otherwise I’m just tired from unpacking and finding stuff I don’t want any longer. We’ve set up a corner of the place just to put the stuff to sort through and get rid of later. I’m going to have to force myself to spend a few minutes there every day, eventually it’ll all be gone.

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