Not Martha


My newest scary obession is with my hair – I think I’m losing my hair. Now, I haven’t been gifted with the best of hair genes, my mother has superfine wispy hair which she frets about constantly, and my dad is a (now bald) redhead. I’m all too aware of the fact that redheads have fewer hairs per square inch, of course they usually have the thick curly colorful hair to make up for it. Not me, I just get fewer fine limp brown hairs per square inch. My cousins, they all got the curly, full, bright red hair. I just get the folicle challenges, pale skin, pale eyebrows and tendancy to gain weight.

Back to my fear that I’m going to be bald on top by my mid-thirties. I know that everyone looses 100 hairs per day, blah blah blah. But seriously, we’re talking handfuls in the shower when I’m putting in the conditioner, hairs on the bathroom floor, and most recently and most horribly, hairs on my pillow* when I wake up. All those female Rogain commercials aren’t exactly helping. Everytime one comes on I whine to Scott “Seeeeee? My hair is falling oooooooout!! I’m going to be baaaaaaaaald!”

I’m at the age when my metabolism has begun to slow, an my skin has begun to wrinkle, but why does my hair have to leave me so abruptly? Who do I ask about this, a regular doctor or a dermatologist?

*This may or may not have something to do with the fact that while I’m living in temporary housing for the next few weeks, I’m also using a temporary white pillowcase instead of the charcoal grey.

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