Not Martha


The button down shirt I bought is itchy. I’m disappointed. I got it at Old Navy so I knew the risks when I bought it, but I was hoping it would be softer after it was washed. Should I try adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle? I’ve never tried this before, I’m kinda lo-tech in the laundry department.

I like this shirt (well, this one) because it isn’t too long, I’m short (5′ 2″) and have a squashed rib cage to hips area, which means most shirts are tailored too long for my frame and if they are fitted, they just bunch up where they sit on my hips. And, forgive me but I don’t want to tuck shirts in, so any shirt I try on which has the classic shirt length makes me look like I’m playing dress up in mommy’s clothes. I’ve tried the Petites departments in large stores, but have you seen those places? Why do they assume everyone who is petite is also skinny and 80 years old? On one special trip I was unable to find a button down shirt that didn’t have an anchor decoration embroidered onto it. Should I start buying shirts and rehemming the bottom 2 inches shorter?

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