Not Martha


So, still thrilled about the frozen grapes thing, I cheated and bought some already frozen cherries (yummy, if not pretty), and frozen organic blueberries (after seeing that segment on Martha Stewart about the blueberry harvesting, and how often frozen fruit contains better stuff for you since it’s allowed to ripen while still attached to the earth). Then a funny thing happened – I didn’t like the frozen blueberries because they tasted like fake blueberry flavoring. Why is this? Because I have probably never eaten a proper blueberry in my life. So that synthetic flavoring which is meant to mimic the real flavor of actual ripe blueberries has always meant “fake blueberry flavor” to me.

The same thing happened to me a few years ago in my father’s garden, he grows wild strawberries and offered me a few ripe ones right off the plant we were standing in front of. And they tasted not like strawberry to me, but like the Bubbalicious my grandparents always used to bring to me. Again, because I had never had a proper strawberry, I didn’t enjoy it because the flavor of it was something I identified as fake flavoring. And I suppose such is the price for growing up in the age of mass produce farming.

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