Not Martha


I love public radio*, and I’m pee in my pants thrilled to live somewhere which has two public radio stations I can flip between. So I was bursting with excitement when I was driving along a while back and heard that a friend of mine, Kevin Smokler, was going to be on a show called Invisible Ink Radio A Radio Zine, to which he contributes. This show is cool the way I only wish I could be. I rarely catch weekend radio, but have been making a point to listen to this show. If you’re not within earshot of KALW, you can listen online. A huge thanks to Roman for making the shows available online, and, you know, making the shows.

* My dorky story: My mother was working in the offices of the fledgling National Public Radio while she was pregnant with me, so technically I’ve been listening to public radio longer than I’ve been alive.

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